Are you a Strong-Willed Woman?

Strong-Willed Women (SWW) make great leaders, sometimes moving mountains no one else was willing to tackle. They don’t necessarily take “no” for an answer, and they will work tirelessly for a cause they believe in or fight on behalf of the weak and vulnerable who are being subjected to unfair treatment. This relentless pursuit of excellence and justice can sometimes be misunderstood as a controlling, domineering, take-no-prisoners attitude unless the Strong-Willed Woman knows how to utilize her power and passion.

We would appreciate your input and for your help in  participating in this brief survey about being a Strong-Willed Woman.
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Why do we want to know?


We want and need to hear from others who “get” us, who won’t waste our time or energy trying to talk us out of being the person God made us to be.If you want to discover how your strong will can help you experience the power and presence of God, if your heart’s desire is to live out your faith in fresh and compelling ways that can change the world, please take a moment to participate in this this short survey for a soon-to-be-released book being written by authors, Cynthia Ulrich Tobias and Jean Daly. 

We are writing a book for YOU – the Strong-Willed Woman!

In this book, Cynthia Tobias and Jean Daly (both Strong-Willed women but opposite in style and personality) represent the whole spectrum of strong-willed women—from basic strong will to extreme strong will. We’re writing this book for you as a Strong-Willed Woman, and regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, we all share a common goal: use our strong will to bring honor and glory to our Creator and Designer and live a life sold out to God.

In this book, strong-willed women from all walks of life share how they’re using strength and conviction to change their world for God. It’s not soft and sentimental–it’s powerful and life-changing insight and instruction that will help you live all out for God. Whether you’re young or old, single or married, introverted or extraverted, a rule-follower or a rule-changer, your heart will resonate with the words you’re about to read.

This book won’t give you excuses for bad behavior. It doesn’t give you reasons to give up on church, nor does it give you justification for bossing others around or sharing your opinions in a way that may be harsh or critical. But it definitely gives you hope and inspiration—inspiration to commit your strong will to God for his intents and purposes. It encourages you in ways you haven’t dared to imagine and challenge you in ways you’ll never forget. Most importantly, it helps you accept and use your strengths with confidence that comes from knowing you’re headed in the right direction.


Thank you so much for your time—we look forward to staying in touch with you!