Are you looking for a speaker that has a practical message that will entertain AND touch the lives and hearts of everyone in the crowd?


As an author and speaker, Cynthia entertains the audience with stories that tug at the heart, life lessons that are filled with humor, and enough insight to motivate the individual to enjoy the person seated next to them.

One of the greatest moments in Cynthia’s life is when she hears the laughter of her audience as they react to her stories and insight into dealing with the mind and heart of the strong-willed child. Many of these audience members came to the event with some trepidation and shame – unaware that they could find humor in this subject matter. Cynthia is able to break the ice and immediately unveil the powerful and unique qualities of the strong-willed participants seated around her!

Featured on Focus On The Family’s “Best of Broadcast”- a favorite for three years in a row!

This presentation by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias is one of the most popular seminars for parentseducators, law enforcement personnel, and for audiences of all backgrounds and ages. Cynthia is skilled at sharing stories and insight that capture and entertain the members of any audience from the minute she steps on stage or the camera is turned on!

Every seminar, book, or media broadcast is filled with  practical, and immediately useful strategies for  building a strong positive relationship with virtually any Strong-Willed person that you live with, work with, or exist within.

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Seminar Information Sheets For Speaking Opportunities

The Amazing Speech – An Unforgettable Experience – Allow Cynthia to unlock those secrets to your strengths, equipping you to change the world!

Invite Cynthia To Speak – Cynthia’s unique blend of insight and entertainment make her popular among both secular and faith-based audiences.

Educators and Parents

They Can’t All Have A.D.D – Practical Strategies for “Inconvenient” Kids – For  Educators and Parents

You Can’t Make Me! (But I Can Be Persuaded) – A Practical Seminar teaching you how to bring out the best in your strong-willed child.

911 for Frustrated Parents – This practical, encouraging presentation is designed for police officers and first responders, their
spouses, and their children 5th grade and older.


Redefining The Strong-Willed Woman – Practical, entertaining and life-changing seminar for women of all ages.

Turning Conflict Into Cooperation – A Practical Seminar teaching you how to bring out the best in a strong-willed person.

I Hate School! Employees frustrated with their kids? – A useful seminar for motivating children to take charge of their own success.

Motivating Students to Take Charge of Their Own Success – Practical strategies to help every child succeed.

Faith-Based Organizations

The Way We Work For Pastors and Staff – A Practical Approach to Effective Communication

Multiple Speaking Topics:  Faith-Based Seminars – Practical lessons on a variety of subjects to help you to bring out the best in all situations.

Business and Law Enforcement

The Way We Work for Law Enforcement – A Practical Seminar for First Responders and Law Enforcement

Putting Your Style To Work – This is Part Two of The Way We Work for Law Enforcement Series.  Focuses on application to specific situations and issues faced by First Responder organizations.

The Way They Learn for Law Enforcement –  Discover immediately useful ways to recognize and use your natural learning style strengths even the most frustrating circumstances.

The Way We Work – Business Promotion – This dynamic presentation introduces you to Learning Styles, natural inborn strengths and preferences “pre-wired” into each person.