Virtual Training with Cynthia Tobias

Practical, Proven and Immediately Useful Learning Style Strategies to Bring Out the Best in Everyone — on demand when you need them!

Best-selling author and popular speaker, Cynthia Tobias, is the leading expert when it comes to teaching parents, educators and business leaders how to turn conflict into cooperation. Cynthia’s wisdom and trusted insight has been in demand for decades, and now this valuable knowledge is available to everyone online — 24/7!

With this easy-to-access teaching platform – parents, educators and business people can learn to quickly focus on strengths, enhance communication and improve relationships with all kinds of learners.


 Individual Rate–$59 a Year

BRING OUT THE BEST IN EVERY CHILD -Do you have a child you believe is learning below his or her potential? Are you tired of trying to motivate your child to do homework or succeed in school? Is your strong-willed child driving you crazy?


  • Learn to discover and encourage each child’s learning strengths.
  • Teach your children how to be lifelong confident learners.
  • Motivate even the most reluctant or strong-willed child and diffuse the arguments before they begin.


  • The Strong-Willed Child – Emergency Kit
  • They Can’t All Have ADD
  • You Can’t Make Me (But I Can Be Persuaded)
  • Talking to Your Child’s Teachers
  • and MORE!


Individual Rate–$79 a Year

Are you tired of hearing excuses from students? Do any of your students dread coming to school?

Are any strong-willed children driving you crazy?


  • Teach even the most reluctant students to identify and use their individual learning style strengths to cope with almost any academic demands.
  • Help your students design a personalized study plan that uses their learning style strengths in areas of time management and organization, homework, and taking tests.
  • Shift more responsibility to the learners by helping them recognize when and how they will need to adjust to a range of teaching styles, especially those that may not be compatible with the student’s natural learning styles.


  • Students Taking Charge of Their Own Success
  • Getting Along with your Teachers
  • Getting Your Act Together – Time Management & Organization
  • Test Success
  • and MORE!


Individual Rate–$99 a Year

Do you ever wonder if people are driving you crazy on purpose? Why are adult learners often reluctant to go back for more education and training?
What happens if a strong, capable person ends up with the wrong job?


  • Recognize individual learning strengths, and design effective strategies for communicating with virtually anyone.
  • Promote effective teamwork by using complementary strengths.
  • Increase productivity and bottom-line results by reducing conflict and improving relationships.


  • The Strong-Willed Person Emergency Kit
  • The Way We Work
  • Putting Your Style to Work
  • Getting Your Act Together – Organization and Time Management
  • and MORE!

*Bulk pricing plans may be available for your school or business. Contact us to learn more.