Bring Out the Best in Everyone

(Presentation details available for download below)

In these seminars you will learn how to communicate and work with one another as you recognize and use individual learning strengths. These  practical strategies have been developed through solid research and real-world success, and Cynthia’s presentations will entertain and enlighten as you discover how you can successfully get your message across to even the most challenging or resistant learners of any age.  You’ll find yourself applying this information not only professionally, but with family and friends as well. 

Presentation Details for the First Responders and Military

The Way We Work – A Practical Look at How to Bring Out the Best in Everyone

Putting Your Style to Work – Strategies for Success with All Kinds Of Learners

The Way We Work Promo (Fire Dept.) – A Practical Look at How to Bring Out the Best in Everyone

911 for Frustrated Parents – This practical, encouraging presentation is designed for police officers,  first responders, military personnel, their spouses, and their children 5th grade and older.

Cynthia Ulrich Tobias – Short Bio