Thank you so much for your participation in Focus on the Family’s first-ever Teachers in Focus Conference. The attendees were overwhelming in their positive comments. Several wrote that they planned to make specific changes in their classrooms to try to recognize the strengths of all their students. The presentations were a total success—all that we had wanted them to be!

Tom MinneryFocus on the Family

I was beyond frustrated and weary over the strong will of my 5-year-old son. with the tears streaming, she opened my eyes and heart again and gave me a fresh word on how to LOVE him unconditionally and restore sanity to my home. Also realized the strong will is something we have in common!

Cynthia Tobias has a unique talent of taking emotionally charged situations and offering simple yet effective solutions which allow all to save face and productively move on. Few speakers have won the respect and following of our work group. She's the first who is getting return engagement requests.

Lee SoptichChief, Eastside Fire and Rescue

I want to extend the most heart-felt thank you to you for your training Friday. Several teachers are very excited about trying your techniques with some students they feel they have no influence over. Your techniques give us hope with the most challenging students.

Steve BackmanAdministrator, Lawrence Gardner High School (Topeka Juvenile Correctional Facility)

From Educators and Community Leaders…

“I love Cynthia Tobias. She speaks for so many children!”

“One of the most in depth teachings I have ever heard on the subject. Thank you!”

“I have personally used these techniques with my strong willed son since he was 6. He is now 14. His strong will now helps him stay strong in his walk with the Lord as he goes to high school and is faced with so many challenges every day.”

“Was a wonderful broadcast. Everything she said makes sense, and it works!”

“I wanted to thank you again so much for doing the trainings for our mentors last week – it was amazing how many people were so moved by your words and commented to me in emails about how great it was!”
Jennifer Youngblood, Mentor Coordinator – Communities in Schools, Federal Way, WA

 “Those who sat under your leadership were inspired, affirmed, and challenged.  They returned to their place of service with new understandings, ideas for implementation, and resources as they minister to children and their families.  Thank you for sharing your talent, insight and time with us.”  Barbara Lyon, Conference Chair – The Child Development Alliance, Orange Park, Florida

 “You are not only a masterful speaker with a quiet winsome way, Cynthia, but your message is one that parents and teachers all over the world long to hear.”   Sandy Smith – Bailey Smith Ministries, Atlanta, GA

“It amazes me how well she knows teenagers and exactly how we think and act and feel. She made wonderful suggestions that make sense and will work as long as parents stay calm and not point their fingers and make us do it. Thank you very much and I plan to share these suggestions with my mom—hopefully it will improve our relationship.”  Student Participant – Metro Maryland Youth for Christ

“Many weeks have gone by since your teaching engagement at the Lifeway Conference Center at Glorietta, New Mexico, and I am still remembering the huge delight of every person in the room!  The three presentations seemed like just a few minutes to those of us who soak up every word you say, learning while we laugh!  …Our   customers feel that we provided something out of the ordinary when we brought you to our events.”   Martha Kirkland  – Lifeway Church Resources, Nashville, TN

“Our teachers and parents were delighted with Cynthia.” Don Cole, Former Superintendent – Mariners Christian School, Costa Mesa, CA

“You were a smashing success at our Salado Conference last week.  Both of your presentations were outstanding and timely and our ministers appreciated all you had to say”  Nelda P. Williams  – Baptist General Convention of Texas

“Cynthia is terrific, very well received by parents and faculty.”  Lynn Rosenbach  – Faith Lutheran School, Las Vegas, NV

“Thank you for your dynamic ministry on the Intermountain District.  The Lord used you in a powerful way.  What a blessing to see our people respond as they did—only eternity will reveal the total impact of your ministry.”
Rev. Ron  Kratzer – Intermountain District Church, of the Nazarene—Nampa, ID

“Cynthia did a great job, and her assessment of our needs was right on the money.”  Don Porth – SOS FIRES: Youth Intervention Programs, Welches, OR

From Our Corporate and Law Enforcement Audience . . .

“Cynthia Tobias has a unique talent of taking emotionally charged situations and offering simple yet effective solutions which allow all to save face and productively move on.  Few speakers have won the respect and following of our work group. She’s the first who is getting return engagement requests.”  Lee Soptich, Chief  –  Eastside Fire and Rescue, Issaquah, WA

“I wanted to thank you again for being such an integral part of our Police Commanders Course faculty.  The message you deliver provides our leadership folks with much needed tools as they face the challenges of leading a diverse law enforcement force at each of our installations across the Marine Corps.  Our success in training and education is due in large part to your participation.”  Stephen K. Reese  –  Head, Training & Education, Marine Corps Law Enforcement

“Cynthia is extremely insightful and has a fabulous sense of humor that keeps her audience engaged.  Her thought provoking and interesting presentation leaves folks with a much better understanding of different personalities in the workplace and how to appreciate the differences.  She also demonstrates through examples how to apply that knowledge in the work place to build stronger teams and a cohesive work environment. I highly recommend Cynthia as a guest speaker.”  Karen Moffett – Human Resources Manager, Sound Family Medicine

Your inspirational and motivating words received countless accolades from conference attendees…I look forward to working with you in the future.”  William J. Bratton  – Former Chief of Police, Los Angeles Police Department

“Our initial confidence in your capabilities was validated in February as   we watched you direct our group of Oldsmobile Service Consultants through 80 minutes on insightful and entertaining discussion and training on Dominant Learning Styles.  You did a wonderful job!”  Jerry Starkey   –  General Motors, Oldsmobile Division, Lansing, MI

“The attendees of our Women in Policing Seminar were captivated by the fact that Cynthia Tobias really understands policing, different learning styles, and the strong personalities that it takes to work in such a career.  I have never seen such an attentive audience.  Almost a year later people are still taking about   the seminar and how we learned a lot about ourselves that day.”   Terri Macmillan,  Retired Sergeant – Seattle Police Department, Seattle, WA

“There are no words that can express my gratitude for what you were able to accomplish with my Board of Directors.  …the tools you gave us helped  to accomplish more than I could have hoped for.” Larry Wieda, Past President – Crime Stoppers International, Inc., Albuquerque, NM

“Cynthia is an excellent communicator. The time flew by as we laughed and learned together.  I wholeheartedly recommend Cynthia as one of the best retreat/seminar presenters we have ever heard.”  Gabrielle D. – Children’s Hospital Foundation, Seattle, WA

“The raves and positive comments continue to come back to me from other individuals that attended the presentations with the instructors.  …They feel there is so much that you can offer in the fun and informative method of teaching you have demonstrated!”  Elenjo Schaff  –  Eastside Fire and Rescue, Issaquah, WA

“It is so rare to find speakers who can entertain an audience with humor, educate by appealing to their common sense, and…put both of these abilities together to drive home a point.  Thank you again for a fantastic program.”  Pete Hunt – Automotive Service Association of Washington, Lakewood, WA

Some past and current clients


Walt Disney Company
General Motors, Oldsmobile Division
City of Seattle, WA
Pierce County, WA
Burlington Northern
Santa Fe Railroad
Good Samaritan Hospital Children’s Hospital, Seattle, WA
Primera Blue Cross Sound Family Medicine, Puyallup, WA
Kaiser Permanente GlaxoSmithKline
United Back Care Automobile Service Association
Loma Linda University Medical School
Dept. of Social & Health Services (DSHS)
Salvation Army World Vision
Focus on the Family, U.S. & Canada
Young Presidents Organization (YPO)
Puget Sound Radio Broadcasters
Pro Athletes Outreach

First Responders/Military

Marine Corp Civilian Police
Los Angeles Police Department
Crime Stoppers, International
International Association for Women Police
WA Criminal Justice Training Commission
Eastside Fire & Rescue
King County Fire and Safety
Federal Way Fire Department
WA State Hostage Negotiation Assoc.
Bellevue Police Dept.
Seattle Police Department