Tips For Parents

Download PDF:  Home for the Holidays – Practical tips to keeping your kids busy over the holidays!

Download PDF:  Summer Survival – Strategies to keep your kids happy and productive during the summer.

Download PDF: Free-Learning-Styles-Standard-Profile – Communicating With Your Child’s Teacher: A Student Profile

Download PDF: Encouraging Siblings to Get Along – As parents, we’re faced with the task of helping each of our one-of-a-kind children accept and appreciate the differences in their brothers and sisters. So how can you help your children value the unique qualities of their siblings?

Download PDF: Adventures in Potty Training – The good news is that there is nothing wrong with your child…the not-so-good news is that this is one of the rare areas that toddlers have control and they don’t give up easily! Join the ranks of moms facing the same adventure and those with a solution.

Download PDF: Making Teachers Your Allies

Download PDF:  Christian Counseling Today Article:  Learning Disorder, or a Learning Style? A Timeless Perspective

You Can’t Make Me

Download PDF: Three Quick Tips for Your Strong-Willed Child

Download PDF: How Strong Willed Are You?

Download PDF:  You Can’t Make Me Top 10

Download PDF: Strong-Willed Child Emergency Kit – Quick Steps for Avoiding a Meltdown

Cynthia’s Philosophy

Download PDF:  Educational Philosophy Statement

Download PDF:  Statement of Faith

Download Learning Notes: Annotated Bibliography for Parents and Educators