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Directing Your Strong Will to Improve Relationships, Expand Influence, and Honor God

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Cynthia Tobias has spent years speaking to parents and educators about the strong-willed child—how about the strong-willed woman?

We don’t outgrow our strong will, and it can have a profound and influence on the world. But the term “Strong-Willed Woman” hasn’t always been understood or appreciated, especially in Christian circles. Sometimes this much strength and determination can lead to misunderstandings or fractured relationships, but when strong will is headed in the right direction, it can become a mighty force for God.

In Cynthia’s new book she offers practical insights and strategies for strong-willed women and the ones who know and love them. Instead of struggling to“soften” your strong will, you’ll be challenged to lean in to your passion and use it for good.

Whether you are a strong-willed woman or you know one, this book will inspire you, encourage you, and motivate you to understand and appreciate A Woman of Strength and Purpose.

Here’s What Everyone Is Saying:

“Wow! Cynthia Tobias has cracked the code for directing your passion and defining your purpose. Every strong-willed woman (not to mention the men who love them) needs to read this incredibly practical and insightful book.”
Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, New York Times best-selling authors of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

“I thoroughly enjoyed A Woman of Strength and Purpose. I consider myself an SWW (strong-willed woman) and deeply appreciate Cynthia’s take on how we can use our ambition and strength for God! The book provides real-life and modern-day stories of other strong women of faith that encouraged me and inspired me! It is a book that will motivate women of any age!”
Megan Alexander, reporter for Inside Edition and author of Faith in the Spotlight

“Strong-willed women often struggle to know how their dynamic personalities fit with God’s call. In this wise and insightful work, Cynthia Tobias has demonstrated that those two realities can work together beautifully! Indeed, strong-willed women can have a lasting and powerful impact on the world around them.”
Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family

“Thank you, Cynthia Tobias, for helping godly women understand that it’s not only okay to be a confident woman with inner strength and purpose; it’s God’s design. This book is a great tool for women who desire to find the gentle balance between learning, leading, and loving others while following Christ.”
Babbie Mason, award-winning recording artist, author, and songwriter

“Finally! A book that speaks to the many strong-willed Christian women in the world today. Along with real-life stories, Cynthia Tobias shares her expert and practical advice on how to celebrate, embrace, and use your God-given gift to honor Him. You’ll be encouraged and uplifted as you learn how to be the best you can be in your relationships, work, and spiritual life.”
Martha Hadley, Christian radio personality for the nationally syndicated Martha Hadley Show

“Strong, determined men tend to be celebrated in our Western culture. But that same culture often marginalizes, criticizes, and stigmatizes these same characteristics when they happen to be in a woman. Cynthia Tobias knows all about being a strong and determined woman. She also knows how to help you rise above the cultural pushback and purposefully leverage your strength for the greater good of the people you love and for the glory of the God who gave it to you.”
Dr. Tim Kimmel, best-selling author of Grace-Based Parenting and Grace-Filled Marriage

“I’m so glad Cynthia has written a book for us stronger-willed women. It took me a long time to accept the fact that God liked me. I knew He loved me because He says so, but like me? He also says He likes women of a quiet, gentle nature, and that just does not describe me. So this book touches a chord in me.”
Gigi Graham, author and conference speaker

“Cynthia Tobias is the quintessential strong-willed woman. In her latest book, A Woman of Strength and Purpose, she gives her extraordinarily valuable insights into the personal challenges of women who have strong wills and those who love and/or work with them. It’s rich information and great inspiration!”
Jan Silvious, author of Fool-Proofing Your Life and Big Girls Don’t Whine

“Have you ever been called a strong-willed woman? Maybe it was meant as a compliment—or maybe it wasn’t. I can relate! For all of us strong women, Cynthia’s message encourages us to embrace our strength—but to always direct that energy toward healthy goals and in a careful, godly way. Get ready: this book will excite, encourage, and challenge you.”
Shaunti Feldhahn, social researcher and best-selling author of For Women Only

“Cynthia Tobias’s keen insights and stories will free your strong-willed mind, heart, and life. You’ll discover how to live for Christ as you surrender your strong will to the One who rules the world and secures your place in it. This book will strengthen you to be the change-maker He designed you to be.”
Phyllis Wallace, family counselor and former radio host of Woman to Woman

“If you’ve ever struggled with whether God can make kingdom use of your strong-willed personality, A Woman of Strength and Purpose is your next read! Cynthia Tobias makes it crystal clear: a surrendered and consecrated strong will is an arrow in God’s hand.”
Allison Allen, speaker, author, and actor

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