We believe each person is created with unique and special strengths, abilities and perspectives. 

Therefore, we are committed to the following:

  • Identifying and building on strengths to produce positive results rather than focusing on limitations;
  • Appreciating the worth and value of every style, recognizing there is no best or smartest style;
  • Honoring individual learning style differences without compromising academic excellence or lowering standards of behavior;
  • Maintaining discipline through love and bottom-line accountability within the framework of each person’s design; and
  • Unlocking the potential for success in both children and adults by teaching them…


The Way They Learn


Statement of Faith

As the daughter of a pastor who retired after 50 years of ministry, I came to know Christ early, and my life has been dedicated to His service ever since. God is at the center of my life, and I endeavor in everything I say and do to bring honor and glory to Him.  Because I serve in both religious and secular worlds, I strive to lift Him up without harsh judgments or blatant sermons.  His reign in my life has resulted in some incredible opportunities to recognize the awesome power and creative orchestration of His will in our world.  I count it an immense privilege to serve God as a messenger of hope and encouragement, continually bringing the practical truth of His Word to a world that sorely needs it.