Cynthia’s journey continues—and the road winds and turns and often has unexpected intersections and detours.  She continues to marvel at how God works….

My Cul de Sac continued:

Law Enforcement Academy For Families L.E.A.F. Project

I have been an author and speaker for almost 27 years now, and we’re about to release my 12th book in the summer of 2014.  I’ve been to all 50 states several times over, and 6 out of 7 continents (I can’t find anyone in Antarctica that needs me!).  

Tobias Graduate Sons Kids Twins

I’ve had the privilege of being on the radio, making television appearances, and writing numerous magazine articles.  I still stand in awe that God has allowed me to be a messenger for something so exciting, encouraging, and truly life-changing.

My twins both graduated from college with honors in the summer of 2013.  Mike is reading and using my books in his job with Americorps as a mentor for struggling students in a nearby school district.  Robert uses his learning styles strengths in his theatre performances and his job in the hospitality industry as he continues his training in script writing and production.

Maybe you had a dream so long ago that you’ve given up on ever having it come true.  But if God placed that vision of what you’re supposed to do in your heart, it’s not too late.  You may have taken some detours along your journey, but nothing is ever truly wasted.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what happens next! What has your experience prepared you for?